About Us

JBS Hospitality and Events Group is one of Melbourne’s largest hospitality and event companies with over 15 years of experience. 

The JBS portfolio consists of an exciting list of hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes located in and around Melbourne’s CBD. Specialising in providing the ultimate in customer experience we believe in delivering quality service at all times. With such a wide range of venues, JBS Hospitality has something to suit every occasion. 

The other area of JBS Hospitality is JBS Events, which has expanded to running stand-alone family friendly activations Australia wide. We have built up valuable relationships with councils and the community as well as suppliers and merchants. This has allowed us to continually run successful events over the years. 

Our Mission is: 

“To provide exceptional customer service at all times. To actively support the local community and incorporate family values. To provide a positive and empowering workplace for all staff members by understanding their value to the company.” 

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